VBS 2023

The biblical lessons in “Twists & Turns” flow from the motto “Following Jesus changes the game” and the theme verse, Psalm 25:4: “Make your ways known to me, LORD; teach me your paths” (CSB). The weekly outline includes the following daily focus points and Bible stories centered around Jesus and the life of Peter.

Day 1: Jesus is holy. Bible story: Peter followed Jesus.
Day 2: Jesus is trustworthy. Bible story: Peter walked to Jesus on the water.
Day 3: Jesus is forgiving. Bible story: Peter denied Jesus and was restored.
Day 4: Jesus is worth following. Bible story: Peter spoke boldly about Jesus.
Day 5: Jesus is for everyone. Peter told Cornelius about Jesus.

 “When we trust Jesus as Savior and Lord, He changes our trajectory. When we follow Him, He leads us down the right paths. And when we mess up, He’s ready to forgive us and get us back on track.

It also follows a single character, Peter, the entire week. “The continuity of following one person’s encounters with Jesus makes it easy to teach to kids. Peter was bold and fearless at times, and the next minute he was cowering in denial. He had big successes and big failures. In short, he’s just like us. The hope is kids and adults will see themselves in Peter and choose to place their trust in Jesus as their personal Savior.