Guest Speaker Min Ginger Adams, Sermon, “But God, Won’t He Do It!”
Psalms 73:26-28

Pastor John L. Thatch, Sermon, “Nobody Else Ever Spoke Quite Like Jesus!”
John 7:40-46
Sunday, May 16, 2021

Mother’s Day Tribute by Sis Brown-Gardiner

Pastor John L. Thatch, Sermon,”So You May Know, Arise Take Up Your Bed And Walk!”
Mark 2:1-12  May 2, 2021


Pastor John L. Thatch, “Cora Pair Thomas Observance”
Guest Speaker Rev. Sherrill Dunn, “The True Spirit Of A Missionary!”
Matthew 28:16-20

Pastor John L. Thatch, Sermon, “Just Keep On Praying”
Nehemiah 1:1-4

Pastor John L. Thatch, “Consider Him Who Suffered The Dissension of Sinners!”
Hebrews 12:1-2

Guest Rev. Anthony K. Hinton, “When I Think Of The Goodness of Jesus, Ain’t That Good News!”
John 19:32-37

Guest Speaker Rev. Frederick Hinton, “When You Try To Betray God’s Plan With A Kiss And Thirty Pieces of
Matthew 26:1-4, 14-16, 47-50

Guest Minister Lettie Goodson, “It’s Not About The Bunny, It’s About The Blood of Lamb!”
John 3:16-17; Mark 16:16-37